About Increasing Faith Deliverance Ministries

Church History

In June of 1997 God gave Pastor Ulyess a vision for Prosperity in Life Ministries, in preparation for this work God led them to serve as Youth Pastors and Evangelists for 4 years at Cry Out Loud Ministries, in Sanford, NC. When that season was over God later led Pastors Ulyess and Denise to continue to prepare to be pastors by sending them to Christian Faith Ministries to help Pastor Donald Kivett establish a church in Carthage, NC. They served as Associate Pastors and Pastor Ulyess was the Executive Director of the Board. The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the United States took them out of the area. Pastor Ulyess was called upon to serve in the homeland Security mobilization mission known as Operation “Noble Eagle”. After one year of active duty service at Little Creek Amphibious Base in Virginia they were able to return home. While in Virginia again Pastor Ulyess served as the 4th administrative asst. to Bishop Jerry Brown, Pastor of the newly Incorporated “Flames of Fire Churches of Divine Deliverance”.  Pastor Jerry Brown has been a long time father & mentor in the Gospel for these two Pastors.

At the beginning of 2003 God spoke to Pastor Ulyess and told him to change the name of the Ministry to Increasing Faith Ministries! Prosperity in Life has become an outreach ministry of Increasing Faith Ministries.

In August of 2003 the Lord spoke to Pastor Ulyess concerning a church building he saw everyday on his way to work. The Lord led him to talk to the Pastor of the church concerning holding services there while Increasing Faith grows in number.

Pastor Donald Kivett was over joyed to hear the good news and laid hands on them, to send them forth to do the work God has given them to do. On October 1, 2003 they began bible study on Wednesday nights. The Wednesday nights turned into Sunday mornings and God added to the church.

The 3rd Sunday Morning in December 2003 God opened a door for us to move into a rented building of our own at 522 John Garner Road.  While on John Garner Road God begin to show them the deliverance ministry he wanted them to operate in. The name changed to Increasing Faith Deliverance Ministries.

They continued to worship there until God opened up a building on Industrial drive in Sanford city limits. They stayed there until they out grew the building. In August of 2011 growth caused them to move again. In August of 2012 they were offered an opportunity by a long time Grandfather in the gospel for them, Apostle Samuel Thomas who offered them to share his building. The nomadic journey bought them to the place of worship we are in on today. Bishop Charles Mellette is their childhood pastor and current Father in the Gospel who helped guide them in the IFDM land purchase in a prime commercial real estate area. They built a 2,880 square foot building which is phase 1 that will serve as a current worship facility till until it becomes the future youth church. 

Educationally Pastor Denise Upchurch has an Associate Degree in Medical Office Management, from Bryant and Stratton College, a Bachelor Degree of Biblical Studies, from Bethel Bible College, she has a Bachelor of Science degree in Substance Abuse Counseling and a Master’s degree in Addiction Abuse Counseling from Grand Canyon University.

Bishop Upchurch attended Bryant and Stratton College; he also attended Bethel Bible College, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Management and Master of Arts in Christian Leadership from Grand Canyon University. They are above all proud to be a Husband & wife of over 30 years father & mother to 3 children Annise, Ulysses Jr., and David. His wife serves as Sr. Pastor along with him of Increasing Faith Deliverance Ministries of Sanford of which he is overseer. His children are all active in the ministry.